Sharing photos or videos without your consent isn’t ok. It’s a form of abuse. Stop revenge porn.

This site is from Scottish Women’s Aid and supported by End Revenge Porn.

Revenge porn is when a partner or ex-partner purposefully distributes images or videos of a sexual nature without the other person’s consent.We know that the threat or the distribution of such material can be used as a tactic of domestic abuse. It can be used as a tool to humiliate and control someone. Videos and photos may be shared-

•    Across social networking sites
•    Across video sites
•    Across specific revenge porn sites
•    Via email
•    Via text messages
•    Through the post

Photos and videos may be shared with colleagues, family members, friends and strangers. They may be shared through specific revenge porn sites, or through social media pages.

We want to break down the barriers to speaking out; revenge porn is not your fault, it is not ok, and we can help.

The images you see on this site are messages of support from folk all across Scotland. See them all, and more on flickr.

It is not your fault, we are here for you.

What we’re doing:

Creating a safe space for women to share their story and raise awareness of how Women’s Aid can help. Check out who your local women’s aid group are and how to contact them. 

Talking about sex and relationships education with practitioners and policy makers to ensure resources about revenge porn challenge the perpetrator and encourage discussion around building healthy relationships. More on our previous work on healthy relationships

Looking to strengthen existing laws around revenge porn and raising awareness about laws that can help you.

If you would like to find out more, contact us 

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