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the focus needs to be on them, not you. Stop revenge porn scotland.


SWA’s Media Worker, Tanya Rhodes, speaks on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show about the laws surrounding revenge porn in Scotland (from 1 hr 10 minutes)



The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, calls for the introduction of bespoke legislation to deal with incidents of revenge porn.

Louise Johnson, SWA’s Legal Issues Adviser, speaks on BBC Reporting Scotland on the issue.



We hear from a BBC journalist interested in hearing from women. He said:

My name is Steven and I work for BBC Current Affairs at the BBC.

We are currently making  documentary about the effect access to pornography is having on young people. It will be presented by Jameela Jamil and made by BBC Current Affairs in conjunction with BBC Learning.

One of the subjects we want to cover is revenge porn.

I was alarmed to read coverage about this practice and the distress it causes. This is obviously an issue that needs to be highlighted.

We wondered if you would consider giving us an interview about your experience? We could do this completely anonymously. This could involve an actor revoicing your words – and we’d film the back of you, perhaps in silhouette, maybe wearing a wig etc. Jameela, our presenter, would ask questions and we would focus on her reaction and her speaking rather than yourself.The BBC takes its commitment to anonymity of contributors extremely seriously. It’s laid out in our editorial policy that we should always agree the level of anonymity beforehand and the ensure we’re in a position to honour that agreement. More details can be found here:

If this is something your open to please drop myself, or my colleague Justine a line, ( or ). Or you can text/call me on 07901 835909 or 0161 33 57323.In the first instance it would just be a chat so please get in touch even if you still have reservations and questions.


We hold a seminar and hear from Holly about her experiences


We host a round table meeting with colleagues from Police Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Caledonia Youth, Healthy Respect and Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire about supporting women to come forward.  If you’d like to be part of our mailing list on this work, please get in touch.


Ellie writes for the New Statesman  saying

“This is not a one off incident with no repercussions- it is harassment, it is humiliation, it is violence against women.”

Read the full article


The Scotsman covers our campaign, and speaks to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill about what the law says.

They said “Scottish Women’s Aid is foc­used on how revenge porn is used in existing relationships, either to blackmail someone not to leave, or to harass them after they do.”

Read more


The members debate is covered in the Herald, The Daily Record, The Metro and STV. You can watch the debate on the BBC.

Ellie presents at Be Good Be Social on the campaign, keep an eye on their website for the audio stream and video recording.


The Scottish Parliament hosts a members debate on revenge porn. Christina McKelvie MSP says

“Decades ago, domestic abuse was not talked about or recognised—women walked into doors or fell downstairs. Things have moved on, although sadly there are still people in abusive relationships who are too frightened to come forward. Their confidence has been eaten away by their partners so effectively that many end up convinced that somehow the abuse is all their own fault. It is therefore vital that the new stop revenge porn Scotland site gains the maximum profile. That is why I am having this debate in the chamber”.

Read more (from page 49)

Watch the debate


We host a round table discussion with colleagues from Rape Crisis Scotland, White Ribbon Scotland, Victim Support, Police Scotland and other legal experts.

Download the powerpoint presentation on definitions, the law in Scotland and what’s happening in others countries (including England and Wales) .Revenge porn roundtable

Motion in Parliament receives cross party support!

 Motion S4M-07333: Christina McKelvie, Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 24/07/2013End Revenge Porn Scotland
That the Parliament commends Scottish Women’s Aid on its recently launched campaign against revenge porn, the first of its kind in the UK; understands that the campaign has been featured in a range of press and media outlets….Read more


Steven Mills, President of Education and Welfare at Robert Gordon University was quoted in The Evening Express about his work on the campaign. Steve has worked hard to support men to speak out against revenge porn.

“Hopefully we can continue to get lots of support”


Ellie writes for the F word, the UK’s largest feminist website on the campaign

“Domestic abuse is about the purpose of such behaviour. It’s about control and humiliation. It’s about power. Like a punch or a kick, the threat of or actual distribution of images is purposeful. It has meaning and intent: to retain and gain power and control.”

Read more


Ellie and Holly spoke to BBC 4’s Woman’s Hour about revenge porn. Listen again


Ellie speaks to the Sun about the campaign.

They said

“This humiliation has a terrible impact on victims – some have even committed suicide.Now women’s groups, who say thousands of new cases are reported every month, are fighting back.”


We were featured in Third Force News, Scotland’s charity sector paper talking about the campaign.

We said “At this stage, we want to reach out to women who have been victimised, as we want to ensure that their voices are heard and their experiences placed front and centre of our work.”


The day after our launch we were lucky enough to be featured in the Metro. They said

“[revenge porn] is used when a partner or ex-partner distributes images or videos of a sexual nature without the other person’s consent”



Ellie blogs about victim blaming over on our sister site, together we can stop it

“At the moment, there seems to be a lot of commentators suggesting that if young/women send images they are opening themselves up to the possibility of abuse.  But let’s stop for a moment.

What does that say about boys and young men? About what we expect of them?”


We’re in Grazia! Check out the story on revenge porn and Holly’s journey in the print edition.


Read why Scottish Women’s Aid is committed to tackling revenge porn

“If we’re in a cultural situation whereby a sizeable group think it’s acceptable to abuse the trust of their sexual partners then we need to rethink how and what people are learning about respect and trust in relationships.”


Read Holly’s story on her experiences of revenge porn

“Once a victim of an online tormentor, Holly Jacobs is now speaking out over her ordeal, saying she is “tired of hiding.”

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